MyFitPod Academy

The online education you need to launch, grow, and elevate the fitness career of your dreams

Unlock your potential as a fitness pro with a custom training path.

The MyFitPod Academy was designed to fill in the gaps between just being a great instructor or trainer, and reaching your maximum potential as an independent fitness professional in today's quickly changing environment.

Our Academy content is divided into six training tracks.

My Mindset

Acquiring new skills and competencies requires that you first recognize and address strengths and weaknesses around your mindset that we all have in various forms- things like focus, motivation, execution, and creativity, so that you can tackle the other things that need to get done to be successful. This track covers the entrepreneurial mindset-overcoming limitations, navigating change, building relationships, and developing emotional intelligence.

The Launch Mindset Available now
The Grow Mindset Coming Soon
The Elevate Mindset Coming Soon

My Brand

Having a brand that stands out and shows the world who you are quickly and consistently is a necessary skillset now. Successful independent fitness pros need to know what exactly a brand does, and how to build, define, and manifest their own unique brand, piece by piece. This track is about defining who you are and what you do, marketing on multiple channels, mastering social media, getting seen by your target audience, refining your brand voice, and clarifying your vision.

Growing a Brand Coming Soon
Elevating a Brand Coming Soon

My Audience

Once you have a defined brand, then it’s time to unleash it on the world. So we have a track that's all about building and engaging an audience that wants more of what you have to offer. In this track of courses, you'll learn about best practices for providing excellent client experiences, how to manifest your vision as a fit pro, optimal member retention, and effective loyalty programming.

Finding An Audience Coming Soon
Growing an Audience Coming Soon
Elevating an Audience Coming Soon

My Tech

When a lot of us started teaching, there was no such thing as zoom or ring lights ... a mic and headset were about as tech-y as we got. The technical know-how required to deliver high quality fitness content just two years ago seems like the stone age compared to now. Now, base level competency for independent fitness pros includes knowing about the technology needed to deliver content in the new omni-channel, where the consumer expects to be able to switch the way they consume content at any point in the relationship, going from in-person, to livestreamed to on demand to recorded livestream, all with a few clicks.So this track is about the technology, equipment, and tech skills you need to deliver omni-channel sessions - and how to to up your tech game as you build your audience.

Launch Tech Available Now
Grow Tech Coming Soon
Elevate Tech Coming Soon

My Business

Now that so many of us are working on our own, outside the support of the box gym or studio that a lot of us started in, we need to know more about business. We have questions like: what kind of business should I set up? Do I need to hire a lawyer? What the heck is a KPI? We need to know a lot more about the business of business that wasn’t necessary before we struck out on our own. The My Business track is all about protecting yourself, your brand, and your future with the best legal, insurance, and business practices. And you'll also learn about developing the partnerships and strategies you need to thrive.

Protecting Me Available Now
Protecting My Brand Coming Soon
Protecting My Future Available Now

My Money

For most independent fitness pros, the bi-monthly paycheck is just not a thing. With that comes both opportunity and responsibility- both of which might need new competencies to master ... things financial forecasting and watching the numbers and how they change based on what you are doing and not doing. So the My Money track is all about making sales, setting prices, making budgets, meeting goals, developing multiple revenue streams and generating wealth so you can thrive.

Financing a Brand Coming Soon
Generating Wealth Coming Soon